Welcome to Henan University of Technology!!!


HAUT makes full use of excellent international education resources and positively develops a sound international cooperation. At present, the university has carried out 5 undergraduate programs with theUniversityofWalesand theUniversityofReadinginBritain. Student exchange programs have also been performed smoothly withKansas State University,USAand Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy. The year of 2007 has seen the admission of international students by HAUT. In addition, HAUT has been keeping very close research relationship with many international research institutes such as the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN, International Association for Cereal Science andTechnology,USWheat Association, Canadian Bureau of Wheat, French Wheat Association and Australian International Agricultural Development Center.


The university has successfully held the International Seminar of Grain Logistics, UN and International Seminar of Wheat and Improvement of Flour. In 2008, the university is granted as the undertaking organization of the National Project of Human Resources Development for Foreign Aid and has successfully trained more than 400 grain-relevant officials and technicists from over 70 developing countries globally.